A Wolf on the Road to Recovery

A difficult subject handled in such a skillful and hopeful way.

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Howler is a healthy young wolf from a strong pack, but he tries digging anyway. And once he starts, he can't stop. Soon digging is all he has and all he does. He is addicted. Will Howler ever stop digging and make it home?

If he does, will he stay?

Addiction is painful for the whole family. Periods of recovery and rising hope are often followed by relapse and heartbreak. This cycle is complicated and often very difficult to talk about, especially with kids. Howler can help.

What People Are Saying About Howler

A beautiful story about
Recovery from Addiction

This book will have a profound effect on families suffering from addiction. The story gives hope that is so hard to find on the road to recovery. I can't wait to share this book with my children and grandchildren. Not only is it an impactful tool for children but it will touch adult's hearts as well.

 Rooting for Howler!

This is an excellent children's book that gently opens the door to conversation. Kids will love the animals that bring this metaphor to life and caregivers will love that a difficult subject is handled in such a skillful and hopeful way.

I'm a grateful "digger"

This is a beautiful story. The description of my story as a "digger",and the solution to my problem, is described so simply and powerfully. I think this is such a wonderful way to describe my story to not only a child but anyone who doesn't understand what is like to keep digging even when it makes you unhappy. Thank you for this

About the Authors

Cheri Colburn

Cheri is an author, an educational writer, a book editor, and a book coach. Her family has been deeply affected by addiction, and she hopes Howler will help to normalize recovery. She notes that, "Science increasingly understands addiction as a brain disorder, a biologically observable disease that causes great suffering not only for the family of addicts but also for addicts themselves. As addicts recover, must welcome them back into society or they, and their potential, will be lost forever." 

Joseph Pfeffer

Joseph is an author, a father, and a young man whose family has been affected by addiction and recovery. His considerable insight brings Howler to life and helps readers understand Howler's difficulties and tenacity on his road to recovery.  

Howler is available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback:

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