The Green Quill
Editorial Services


Your Book Plan ~ $600

A Book Plan is a great first step if you haven't started writing your book or if you have a beginning but no clear direction. After extensive consultation with you, I will create a plan for your book that includes actionable steps for its development, as well as a solid plan for positioning your book in the market. This is a comprehensive document that sets your project on the path to success.

If you'd prefer to write the plan on your own, I'm happy to work with you as part of a coaching plan. Either way, the first step is the free initial consultation. To get the ball rolling, just click the button below.  

Manuscript Review ~ $75/hour

The manuscript review is a good first step if you have a complete or nearly complete draft of your wellness book but you're unsure what to do next. Right now, your book might be disorganized, uneven, or unfocused. Whatever the book's troubles are, I can help.


I'll offer insights about the content and structure of your book, and I'll point out any problematic patterns in your writing. Then I'll provide recommendations based on those observations. I won't make direct changes to your manuscript. 

The first step is the free initial consultation. I hope you'll click through, below, so we can get started. 


Editing ~ $75/hour

After a brief review of your manuscript, I make recommendations about the "level" of editing it needs--a developmental edit, a line edit, or a copy edit--and provide an estimate of how long the work will take. Then I make direct improvements to your wellness book, along with recommended next steps.