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If you have a book stuck in your head, I can help! Your book can help you grow your business, help more people, and create a legacy.


Writing can be a lonely pursuit, one that leaves aspiring authors vulnerable to procrastination and distraction. Alone, it's easy to get stuck. Teamwork to the rescue!


I offer several paths to your book. The first step is always the free initial consultation in which we talk on the phone about your book idea. Please scroll down to learn more about The Green Quill's consultation services. 


In the meantime, consider the possibilities! Take a peek at my Book Coaching page and my Editorial Services page, where you will see that I offer a solution for every aspiring author. ​


I'm excited to learn more about you, your project, and your goals. Let's meet by phone to talk things over. I offer a free initial consultation, when we will talk briefly (for about 20 minutes) about your wellness book.


If you'd like a deeper discussion, you can book a one-hour consultation for the discounted rate of $25. Please click the link below, and let's get started! 


"Cheri Colburn…came with the reputation for being formidably tough, with a great eye for detail. I expected her to be a fine editor, but was pleased to find the way she cared about kids and the teachers who work with them. Her heart and good judgment are evident throughout this book."

Andrea Medea, Author, Safe Within These Walls

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My name is Cheri Colburn, and I have nearly 20 years' experience helping experts become authors. Learn more about me and check out my portfolio here.